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Joe Schlereth


A few years ago, a good friend gave Joe a running shirt with the saying on the front: “Joe lives for running”.  While that may be stretching it a bit, there is no question Joe loves running! He loves running itself, talking about running, and most of all helping others catch the passion for running – that passion that provided him with so many benefits over the past 36 years.

His adult running career started innocently enough with a United Way Corporate Cup 5K here in Charlotte in 1982.  Like many beginner runners, that first 5K was hard and was not the best of runs.  Yet, the spirit, camaraderie, and competition of that race triggered a passion that would drive Joe to cover over 200,000 logged miles of training and racing since that first 5K.  He has raced just about ever distance from 5Ks to marathons to ultramarathons (50Ks, 50 mile, 100 mile, 24 hour, and multiday races).  The longer the distance, the better! Yes, Joe loves running.

To date, Joe has completed 194 marathons (PR of 2:40:15) and 174 ultramarathons (distances over the marathon).  His running of the 2013 Umstead 100 mile race was his 45th 100 mile finish.  Joe really enjoys running on both the road and the trails.  His favorite trail race is the Western States 100 which he finished 12 times, 6 of which were top 10 finishes.  His favorite road race is the Boston Marathon and 2018 was his 18th Boston Marathon.  Joe is one of the few runners who have survived Badwater, a 146 mile race from Badwater in Death Valley, CA (lowest point in the continental US) to the top of Mt. Whitney, CA (the highest point in the continental US). But his passion for running doesn’t end with his personal running.

Over the years, Joe has informally coached many runners. Ten years ago, Joe was asked to coach distance running at Piper Glen, an opportunity that was just what he was looking for. Joe is an RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) Certified Distance Running Coach.  The joy of seeing runners achieve their running dreams is what now keeps Joe’s passion for running alive and burning.  This year, Joe is a driving force behind the Run For You running programs.  He certainly knows how to Run Far (and some would say Fast), but more importantly to pass on that knowledge and passion to others.  Joe loves running…just ask him!

Alicia Catalfumo


Alicia Catalfumo

Hello my name is Alicia Catalfumo. I have run over 10 plus half marathons, 2 marathons, 1 ultra, a few triathlons and several charity cycling rides.  My favorite thing to do is trail run. I also went to Wingate University.  I have the honor to lead the Run Fit program along with Joe Schlereth, who leads Run Far.  Together we can help you reach your goals in running, from just getting active, to improving on distance or speed.

I have always loved staying active and playing sports for fun but it wasn’t until I joined a ½ marathon training group that I feel in love with running. I still remember how it felt to be new and how much the encouragement from other and the coaches meant to me.  I want to share with other people that same encouragement and excitement that I got from my coaches. This is why I am a running coach, teach group exercise and lead a brewery run each week called Running For Brews.

Looking back, I remember being so nervous the day of my first race ( a ½ marathon) and now I absolutely love everything about race days even the fun expos beforehand ( just maybe not though how early you have to be up for some races.)  Striking up conversations while running and meet new people is something I love to do at races. Nothing compares to getting see a city via a race you worked so hard for.

Favorite Quote: You make time for the things you want to do.

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Run For You Benefits

• A results driven running training program

• Customized, weekly training schedule

• Run For You performance t-shirt

• Weekly e-communications that include workouts, motivation,upcoming week’s schedule, and success stories

• 15% discount on apparel and nutrition and 10% discount on shoes at Run For Your Life stores while in the training program

• 10% discount on Run For Your Life owned race events while in the training program

• Pre-run educational seminars on running topics including injury prevention, nutrition, hydration, and running form

• A program that makes running fun, safe, and rewarding!